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“Local Business Citations” Directory Services in Dayton Ohio


"Local Business Citations" Directory Services from Online Business Marketing Solutions in Dayton, Ohio


As most of us are aware,  7 out of 10 of our potential customers will usually search Google for information searching for a local service to provide a product or service they may be in need of before choosing a business to work with.

But did you know that a large portion of those same searchers will also find their way to a local business directory?  

And that, not only do many of these directories besides having substantial budgets for brand marketing to drive traffic to them, also do very well in the organic search rankings for important search terms relating to each different kind of business.

So even if you are unable to get your website ranked high for a specific search term, it's very possible that you can appear on the local directory site that ranks for that term.

Local Business Citation Directory Listings in Dayton Ohio from Online Business Marketing Solutions

Why is this important for your business?

Because it is those links to your website and the mentions in those directories about your business which are also known as  “Local Citations"  that they can help your website increase it's rank and visibility in both “national” organic search and in the “Google+ Local” results.

What are "Local Citations"?

A local citation or sometimes referred to as NAP, which is a “mention” or reference to your business name, address, and/or phone number on websites and pages.

These local citations do not necessarily even have to be backlinks,  just the reference alone is enough to help build your site’s authority since all of these local citations all tie back to your local business listings and then through to your business’s website.

This is why it is so critically important that all information listed within each one of them is consistent and correct.

Directory Listing Service in Dayton OhioIf all the information is not correct it can work just as easily against your business as it can for it.

Let me give you a real life example.

A couple of years ago, I took my family for a quick get away to Charleston SC.

There's a barrier island just north of Charleston called The Isle of Palms,really beautiful and right on the Atlantic!

Nothing there except for a row of 2 million dollar beach houses nestled right up next to the rythmic waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

So, we were there, swimming in the ocean, and it was supper time and I had never been there before so, what did I do?

I took out my iPhone, went on Yelp, and typed in restaurants, I was looking for a nice family place.

I scrolled through a few listings, some were unclaimed, that is they had no information on them  about the business that would entice me as a potential customer to want to go there.

Some had a bad review or two, sorry not going there either!

Did you get that?

Many of these businesses had no infromation in these directories for me to make an informed decision about them or what they offered or they had bad review listings on the sites that they were listed on.

Either way,  I or just as any potential customer would,  just moved on to another listing that did have informative information about the business and good reviews to boot,  Bingo I have a winner, let's go there!

See how this works?

You may be saying to yourself,  that's great but I don't run a restaurant, I'm a plumber.

Your potential customers go through the same process, they just Google “plumber” instead, they then look at the G+ Local and other listings and choose someone that provides the information they need and also have good reviews.

People are finding businesses like this millions of times a day!

Yet businesses are missing the boat by not having a completed listing on these main directory type platforms.

Why not?

Because it's a pain to complete these listings and to claim and set them up correctly.

This process of getting your business listed correctly and completely optimizing each directory to it fullest potential can be very time consuming and frustrating to say the least to be correctly done.

To over simplify the explanation of local citations and the importance of  them,  one can say that (all other ranking factors remaining equal)  simply put, a business with more local citations will most likely rank higher than a business that has fewer local citations.

Online Business Marketing Solutions offers a simple solution to this tedious process of get your business listed correctly in all the important local directories which will help increase your direct leads, calls, website visits, walk-ins and your website rankings in Google and the other search engines.

This will also give your business the opportunity promote any deals, coupons or specials that you may want to run on these platforms which many are free to do.

As you can see, local citations in the local directories can play a major role in local business listing optimization and online business legitimization.

And why your local citation references, local business listing, and web pages keep your business information uniform across all references to help search engines connect them all together and improve your business’s search engine rankings.

How do I get my business listed in all the Internet local directories

Also it should be mentioned that with the continued wave of mobile phone use and mobile phone search, it is critical that not only is it important that your business be listed in the local directories but that they are also listed with the data providers that drive mobile search results which are not necessarily the same ones used for local business listings.

I hope that I have clearly illustrated the importance of establishing these listings in these directories, to bring in new business, create more revenue for your business and increase your placement rankings in Google and the other search engines.

By NOT doing this, your business will be missing out on a huge…and I do mean HUGE!…amount of business!

To get your business listed in all the local directories and mobile data providers to increase your businesses online visibility and your rankings in Google and the other search engines, give us a call or use our Contact Us form to let us know and we'll take care of the rest.

Hit the "EASY" button by contacting us and letting us do the hard work for your business.