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Mobile Website Design Services in Dayton Ohio

Mobile Website Marketing and Mobile Website Design Services in Dayton, Ohio

by Online Business Marketing Solutions


Online Business Marketing Solutions in Dayton,Ohio offers mobile website design for businesses for them to be able to take advantage of the mobile phone phenomenon taking place in our county which smart and savvy businesses are using to bring in new customers and to create more revenue for their businesses. 

This new wave of communication is increasing and being used by your customers every day, if your business is not ready for it, your competitors will be or already are.

New statistics show that one-fifth of the American population access the mobile web each day?  And that the mobile web is projected to over take  desktop use within the next few years.

Purchasing Power: There was 1.6 billion in goods and services purchased from mobile devices in 2009 and, it has increased every year since.

When your business is marketing with a mobile website you will be appealing to an affluent audience.

A recent study on Internet mobile adoption indicated that 42% of mobile Internet users earn over $80,000.00 per year.  This is an audience you do not want to miss out on!

They are not hesitant to spend money for your products and services.

They are Internet savvy and have the disposable income to buy your goods and services.  You need to connect with them and, a mobile website can do just that!

However, the ONLY way for your business to benefit from mobile marketing and this affluent audience, is to have a mobile optimized website.

Why is a properly designed and optimized mobile website important to your business to reach these people?

Watch the video below to find out why.

As the video clearly illustrates, your customers are using their mobile phones to search for businesses today and if your business is not ready for it or your website is optimized for it, it's almost like seeing the web through a moving keyhole.

It's the perfect way to frustrate customers; and most of these customers will abandon such sites quickly out of frustration and are unlikely to return.

Remember, your customers are only one click away to bring up one of your competitors who do have one.

Sorry but, you just lost a potential customer to your competition!

Mobile websites are becoming increasingly important and a necessity in today's business environment.  Having a mobile website for your business will extend the reach of your business to the mobile Web which will allow your your business to provide your mobile visitors a fast and easy way to learn about your business and to be able to contact you with just one click.

While your existing web site is primarily focused on giving a searcher a full detailed and comprehensive picture of your business, your mobile site will allows you to deliver immediate access to what matters most to them when they are on the go and in a hurry.

Your two sites work synergistically together and are complimentary to each other to ensure that your customers will be getting the most effective experience for what they want, no matter where they are.

Using proper mobile application development, Online Business Marketing Solutions can create a customized mobile website with a mobile website design made especially for your business with a clear, clean layout.

Your mobile website will not only look great but it will be super fast and simple to use for your customers.  They will have your business at hand at the precise moment they need your product or service.

Your new mobile website will present each searcher with all the key information about your business in a very intuitive and user-friendly way, quickly and easily.

Let's see what a mobile website will do for your business.

The following are just some of the features that can be incorporated into your new mobile website.

#1 It will let the customer know when you are open, which is one of the most common look-ups for any business.

#2 The "Call Us" function allows your customers to call you easily with just one click. They'll also be able to find you easily and get directions with the "Find Us" function which shows a Google map of how to get from where they are to your location.

#3 You can create mobile coupons to drive your promotions on the mobile web.

#4 It puts your business on every mobile phone.

#5 It's fast, easy, and just what your customers need on their mobile phones, at the right time.

#6 Offers unique, mobile-friendly features to help grow your business.

#7 You can link to your full website if you have one.  Adding a link from your desktop website to your mobile website will help increase an awareness that the mobile site is available.

# 8 We can also provide an automatic redirect of mobile users so they are guaranteed a good experience, redirecting them instantly if they reach your desk-top website to your mobile website for ease of function.

#9 If you have a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page, it too can be linked to your mobile website.

#10 Customers can even leave a call back number if they are not able to reach you.

# 11 Information updates – your customers opt-in to receive regular updates.

# 12 You can highlight your products or services, share your blog, if you have one, and showcase your photos.

#13 We can even create a live video of your location from the outside, a 360 degree tour of the inside, and if so desired, audio and video of you introducing your business, telling why your customers should come to your location and what you have to offer.

This video can be uploaded to YouTube and linked to your mobile website for instant playback for your searcher on their phone.

Your new mobile website can be open for business in no time, connecting and converting searchers into customers walking through your door or calling you, ready to do business with you.

Isn't it time to take advantage of a mobile website for your business before your competitors do? 

Contact Online Business Marketing Solutions to get started with yours today!