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Reputation Management Online Repair Services

in Dayton, Ohio by Online Business Marketing Solutions.


Online Reputation Management Dayton,Ohio Reputation Repair ServiceAs one of the top Online Reputation Management Services in Dayton, Ohio we understand the devastation that bad reviews online can create for any business.

Whether we like it or not, today’s Internet IS the new word of mouth for people everywhere to be able in an instant, to express their views and opinions about ANY business.

Especially now with mobile phones, your customers can even create a review, good or bad, from within your business while they are there.

Unfortunately Google does not know or have any idea about the truthfulness of any bad review or negative content that is posted about your business; it is up to you to do what you can to correct it yourself, and bad reviews will not go away on their own by neglecting them.

Because of this, any disgruntled customer now has the ability to create a bad review about your business on any one of the many review sites that customers have access to today, without justifying why they did so, making it possible for them to either enhance or help to destroy your online reputation.

Both online reputation management and online reputation repair are critical for businesses today to keep their years of hard work in their businesses untarnished, which can be quickly destroyed by having to many bad reviews for potential customers to see before deciding if they want or should do business with your business,

Online Reputation Management Repair Services in Dayton OhioIt only takes a few for those bad reviews for your potential customers to run to your competitors who may not have negative reviews.

Even if a small businesses doesn’t have a website, that business still has an online presence and an Internet reputation that is being judged by their potential customers by the reviews that they find online about that business.

Unfortunately, many businesses do not have a website for their business, this is a huge mistake.

Businesses that do not have a website for their business and feel they can rely on third party review sites for their business often soon find out the hard way, that these sites can also be their worst enemy.

Without a business website, there is no way for a business owner to offset bad reviews by having their website be more dominate in the search engines than the bad reviews.

Even businesses with a website that is not optimized to have dominance in the search engines for the keywords relating to their business are in no better position to overcome these bad reviews, even though they do have a website.

If their website is not on Page 1 of Google then, there is no way their website will ever have a chance to overpower any bad reviews.

Most businesses do not have any idea about what is being said about their business online and how reviews are either helping increase their business or, are causing it to slowly be destroyed by bad reviews.

Reputation Management Services Dayton OhioSaying it doesn’t matter and avoiding or burying their head in the sand about it, is one of the worst things a business today can do to too ensure failure of their businesses.

The Internet never forgets, and every time that a customer posts a negative comment or online review about your business, it will stay there forever, good or bad.

The fact is, IT DOES MATTER!

If it occurs enough, a large percentage of the public will stay away from doing business with your company, and tell their friends to do the same.

For Brand Management and Corporate Reputation Management this is CRITICAL!

Why Online Reputation Management is inportant to YOUR business.

How much can bad reviews cost your business?

Below is an example to help illustrate the kind of money YOUR business could potentially be losing each and every month, by bad reviews that are not controlled and do nothing about their Online Reputation Repair.

You can easily plug in YOUR businesses numbers to reflect what it would mean to YOUR business

For this example we will use a local day spa that we interviewed.

* What's the Average Value of Providing Your Service or Product One Time


* How Many Times a Year Do Your Customers Use Your Product or Service? 

6 Times a Year X $250.00 = $1500.00

* How Many Years on Average Would They Return? 

4 Years? = Lifetime Value $6000.00

* How Many Customers Would You Guess You Are Losing Out on Every Month from Your Bad Reviews and Online Presence?  


10 x $250.00 for Each Customer = $2500.00 Per. Month = $30,000.00 a Year! x 4 Years

= $120,000.00 Lifetime Customer Loss.

* IMPORTANT: This is just from ONLY Losing Out on 10 Customers Per Month because of Bad Reviews or a bad Online Presence!

* This is a conservative estimate, the real numbers are probably worse, since there is no real way to tell how many customers are avoiding their business because of bad reviews.

How many businesses can survive losing this kind of money year after year before they are out of business?

* How much MORE could YOUR business be bringing in PER MONTH if you could fix this problem?

The cost of what you would pay for ongoing Reputation Management services would be a small fraction compared to the kind of losses that WILL happen, if nothing is done to repair and control the situation.

It’s a fact that, 78% of all US adults today feel it is important to research a business’s reviews online before doing business with them.

In a world where reputation is everything and a "name" or Brand name is much more than just a label, reputation management has become a necessity for today's successful businesses.

The sole purpose of "Marketing" is to make sales from your services or your products, and reputation management is one of the fundamentals of Internet Marketing.

Reputation Management is much more than just keeping negative reviews out of sight, although that is critical.

But just as important, it is about building trust with your customers, which can quickly be destroyed by just a few bad reviews.

It's not good enough to just, not have a bad reputation, you must establish a good and positive reputation in your community.

By doing this your business will reap the benefits of a good web reputation which will help increase your bottom-line profits as well as being a magnet for customers who avoid those businesses with bad reviews.

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY DAYTON OHIOThe question you be asking yourself is, what kind of online reputation does MY business have?

As mentioned above, unfortunately in today's society, any disgruntled customer can create a bad review about your business on any one of the many review sites that customers have access to today, without justifying why they did so.

It only takes a few of these types of comments to easily destroy a business’s reputation in the eyes of the public.

They say you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression.

We'll here's your second chance.

By using Online Business Marketing Solution’s Reputation Management Services in Dayton, Ohio we can help remove or at least bury these bad reviews by pushing them back in the results pages and help you in establishing good reviews to help offset them.

Don't let bad reviews destroy your business and all the hard work you have put into trying to make it a success.

Give us a call today at (937) 830-6108 if this has happened your business, we can help with online reputation repair and help to manage your online reputation as much as possible.