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Search Engine Optimization Services Dayton Ohio


Search Engine Optimization Services in Dayton Ohio by Online Business Marketing Solutions.

What will search engine optimization aka SEO do for YOUR business?

It will create better rankings in Google and the other search engines for your business which will give your business more visibility and in turn , generate more traffic to your website.

This will increase your brand and market awareness which will result in more calls, more sales, more customers and more money for your business.

It's that simple, the question is…

Is Your local business website on Page 1 of Google where your potential customers will see it?

Both search engine placement and website promotion are critical to increasing business revenue and to being able to be found in the search engines by your customers, and with the help of a search engine optimization services, they WILL find your business.

Here's what Matt Cutts, head of Google's Web Spam team,  has to say about search engine optimization and SEO Services.

Online Business Marketing Solutions are experts at Google search engine optimization.

Why is that important?

The answer is, Google accounts for almost 80% of all searches on the Internet while Bing and Yahoo only account for less than 20%.

Which one would you prefer to dominate?

It's a fact that a good looking website is a total waste, IF no one can find it without typing in the specific URL address for your business.

Only having that part of the puzzle working for you, severely minimizes the customers your business website will reach.

If  the only people who see your website, are the one's that you gave your website URL to.

That is NOT how search engine optimization is suppose to work.

What you want is to have your business website show up on the first page of Google when your potential customers type in certain keyword phrases to find the type of products and services that your business provides.

Without them knowing your business name or business URL.

When your site is in the top ten natural results for a search term, you get a steady flow of targeted traffic 365 Days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from customers who have never heard about your business or know your business URL, that is the power of search engine optimization.

Newspaper, TV, radio, telemarketing, and even direct mail are all forms of "mass advertising" and are not nearly as focused and targeted as organic search results. Even using the local yellow pages is becoming a thing of the past.

How important is it really that your website be on page 1 of Google?

The chart below clearly indicates the percentage of clicks your business website is likely to receive depending on it's ranking position on page 1 of Google.

On page 2 ?  That is considered no man's land because, no one is going to go that far before choosing a business to work with.


Your website is only as good as the kind of traffic it has.

If you have a website, then you must promote it.

Otherwise there is little chance that it will show up on page 1 of Google.

Online Business Marketing Solutions are both business & website promoters by profession & passion.

Search engine positioning is nothing new, there is a good chance you might be optimizing your website already.

But ask yourself, is what you are doing really working for you?

If not, would you like to promote it through our SEO help?

We can:

1. Redesign your website with richer content and W3C validation (we’ll do the content analysis)

2. Make your website’s presence all over the internet, where you need to be (business relevant forums, blogs, press releases, directories, fresh articles etc) through manual link building.

3. Promote your business page in online social Medias & B2B portals (Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter) for direct inquiries from your customers.

4. Bring your website within 1-10 organic ranks in Google, Bing & Yahoo, for the most looked-up keywords in your Industry.

Our work is purely sales centric, ie aimed at getting your website a lot of quality traffic, inquiries, leads and ultimately more sales through your contact page.

Let us review your website & formulate a plan of promotion.

It would include setting the best keywords for your website, fixing a traffic objective-time frame & having that fulfilled in time.

If you like the plan, great, we can go ahead with a partnership.

We offer you a highly personalized SEO expert that will always be available to talk to you.

If you are doing SEO currently, you might want to compare prices?

This outlines the basic things we do, but I can send you further detailed info or if you would prefer, we could also discuss this over a call.

Don’t let your competition get the upper hand and your customers, let us help increase your visibility, which will help to make your business more visible and more profitable.

I invite you to work with us to help move your business in a better direction.

To work with one of the best search engine optimization services in Dayton, Ohio, contact us today to see what we can do for your business!

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