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Social Media Marketing Services in Dayton Ohio


Social Media Marketing Services in Dayton,Ohio by Online Business Marketing Solutions


Online Business Marketing Solutions in Dayton,Ohio is now several social media marketing services such as creating custom Facebook for business pages, as well as Twitter and YouTube and Linkedin.

Here are some eye-opening results from surveys conducted recently about the use of Social Media use in today's new businesses environment .

According to BIA/Kelsey via Direct Marketing News, "Social media advertising spending will increase from $2.1 billion in 2010 to $8.3 billion by 2015."

Social Marketing is still going crazy with Facebook is still dominating the Internet.

According to HubSpot, small businesses plan to spend 19 percent of budgets on social media vs. only 6 percent in larger businesses. A similar gap is shown for blogging with 10 percent of budgets for small business vs. just 3 percent for large." (Hubspot via ClickZ)

Since Facebook has now surpassed Google in the number of daily users, savy businesses in all industries are now establishing their online identity and taking advantage of the largest and one of the most amazing marketing phenomenons of this century;  Facebook small business marketing.

Facebook for business use has become a necessity for businesses who want to build strong relationships with their client base and to help promote customer loyalty, besides being, one of the most effective and cost-effective Internet marketing strategies available for businesses today

An important fact to keep in mind is that your existing customers have become avid Facebook users, and your business needs to be where they are to reach them..

This will give your business the ability to establish positive relationships with your existing customers and to connect with a whole new group of people due to its viral capabilities.

Everyone, from ultra-small businesses to Walmart to the top Fortune 500 corporations, are placing their bets on Facebook.

It's true, and the reason why is that it is unlikely that your customers visit your website on a daily basis. 

However, fans of your Facebook business page will see any updates or posts made to your Facebook page every time they log into their Facebook accounts. 

This is enormous, since most Facebook users log into their accounts AT LEAST once a day.

They will automatically see your specials, products, new services, new menu items, special events, photos, or anything else you want to share with them. 

By taking advantage of this interactive online capability, you are able to create your business presence just where you want it, in front of your customers.

All they have to do is click on the "Like" button and they will be sharing anything that is going on with your business with their friends and associates..

You may not know it, but a Facebook Page becomes a public page.

Why is this important?

Because, unlike a personal profile which is private, every time your page is updated with new content or posts, Google sees this and uses it to add to their ranking algorithm.  This can help your search engine rankings for your website which will, in turn, help drive more traffic to it.

Additionally, every time you post any interesting updates on your Facebook page they will also appear in your fans’ news feeds.

This will give your fans the ability and the opportunity to "Like" your content or specials, and when they do, it will also simultaneously show up on their friends’ news feeds and they will also see the link to your post.

What can this mean, having your business on Facebook?

By creating a Facebook page for business and using the Facebook business model you can explode your customer base very quickly when done correctly.

Here's an example:  Lets say you have just 75 fans, and each one of your fans has 75 friends; this means that per post, potentially more than 5000 people will see the link to create opportunities for new customers with each post you make.

It doesn't get much better than that, and for free!

Now you can see the potential of using Facebook for business marketing and the power of utilizing this new medium effectively.

Online Business Marketing Solutions can create and design a custom Facebook business page for you that will set your business apart from the look and feel of every other run-of-the-mill Facebook page.

Below is just one example of our custom Facebook for business pages.

Every aspect of the design can be changed and tailored exactly for your business, and for ANY type of business.  Your company photo can even be inserted where the other picture is now.

Please keep in mind that you are getting is a Complete Social Media Pack (Youtube skins, Tweeter skins, Facebook Fanpage), business cards, fliers, letter heads, postcards and Social Media Icons to choose from.

All customized for your business for a incredible Social Media presence for your business that VERY FEW other business have, creating a incredible professional look for your business that will set your business head and shoulders above your competition.

Our designs are clean, eye-appealing and come with professional looking graphics.

Here's exactly what you get with our complete social media package:

* A Facebook Fanpage with profile banner, customized for your business

* Matching Twitter & Youtube Backgrounds, customized for your business

* Matching Vista Print Ready Business Card file ready to take to your printer, customized for your business

* Matching Vista Print Ready Letter head file ready to print, customized for your business

* Matching Fliers ready to print, customized for your business

* Matching Post Cards ready to print, customized for your business

* 38 Social Media Icons for your designs, for you to choose from

We have design packages for all the business below and more.

Accountants, Auto Mechanics, Beauty Salons, Construction & Builders, Carpet Cleaners, Chiropractors, Computer Repair, Couriers Services, Dentists, Driving Schools, Electricians, Fencing Services, Fitness Trainers, Florists, Hairdressers, Handyman, Lawyers, Locksmiths, Nightclubs, Pest Control, Photographers, Plastic Surgeons, Plumbers, Pubs, Real Estate, Restaurants, Roofers, Sign Makers, Tattoo and Veterinarians.

Contact us today to set your business apart from your competition, with our Total Social Media Package